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Friday, April 25, 2008

This Lindsay Ronson Thing Just Keeps Getting More Weird.

E! News is reporting that a 22 year old girl named Lindsay, but not Lindsay Lohan jumped into Samantha Ronson's DJ booth at the Crimnson Lounge in Chicago. The "Not Lindsay Lohan" punched kicked and battered security guards and Ronson when she was physically forced out of the booth. Lohan, who an eyewitness said was "by Sam's side the entire time," having spent several hours hanging out beside her BFF's DJ booth, had already retired to her and Ronson's shared suite at Hotel Sax, where the club is located. It was just after the star departed that Lindsay Burns made her move, resulting in four security guards scurrying to remove her from the premises. Don't fuck with "Les Bos" they will fuck you up! Haven't you ever seen that South Park episode. This whole Lindsay Lohan -Samantha Ronson thing is getting weird. It reminds of that movie Notes on a Scandal. What dirt does Ronson have on Lohan? Or, is this just your typical lesbo courting your drunk slut who is sick of dick? That would actually make more sense, seeing that Lindsay Lohan has been passed around most of Hollywood and Long island. Really what is going on, is that Lindsay Lohan never went to College, so she never got to do that experimental thing. You know, there was always that lesbian in school that completely converted some straight girl your freshman year of college, and by your junior year the straight girl was in a sorority and had a restraining order out on the lesbo. This is Lohan's chance to have a same-sex college fling. Here is a clip from D-Yikes South Park episode.

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