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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I need a Poker Intervention!!

Has anyone else become as addicted to Facebook Poker as much as me? I have played online poker before, but Facebook's layout is easier and more entertaining than other formats. I like the fact that I am sitting next to someone from Korea and someone from Israel is across the table. I can just picture someone sitting at a coffee shop in Turkey yelling out loud  in Turkish when my four aces beat his Kings over Queens full house. There is nothing like playing poker that can bring people together. You do have to watch for the teenager that makes his way into a room, and is enamored with the fact that he has discovered chat rooms for the first time where he can cause trouble and post obnoxious comments under the anonymity of the Internet. I highly recommend giving this a chance. It takes a while for it to hook you in, but when you do you can't shake it. Anyone interested let me know and I will meet you in a room. You can even pretend drink by buying people pictures of different drinks. I was taken for 30,ooo in one hand by Rose last night. She is a 71 year from Souix Falls South Dakota. After beating me she revealed that she was actually hitting the raise button thinking that is was the fold button. If a 71 year old can play so can you.

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