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Friday, April 11, 2008

FBI contacts Cyril Wecht jurors..

The FBI has contacted deadlocked jurors from the Cyril Wecht case. If Mary Beth Buchanan is trying to convince people that this is not a politically motivated attempt at taking down a well known influential Democrat, sending the FBI after deadlocked jurors is not a good way of doing it. It is not uncommon for the FBI to talk to jurors after a Federal case, but when the jury was deadlocked, and it appears that the government will stop at nothing to "get" Wecht, this is beginnig to look like a desperate attempt at finding anything they can to implicate Wecht in illegal behavior. In this case, Jury tampering. There were reports that most of the jury wanted a not guilty finding, but one or two jurors were insisting on guilty. This would tend to show that there was no reason for Wecht or an outside entity to influence the dissenting jurors. Unless, maybe,  the FBI is investigating Prosecutorial misconduct. HAHAHAHAH....HAHAHAHA.. I crack myself up sometimes. Poor Cyril. He devotes his life to restarting the heart of a city that continually flat lines, and he is recognized for this with not one, but now another trial implicating him as what Pittsburghers would call a "Bum". 

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