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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Penguins Sweep Series 4-0

My how things changed in a year. I am assuming that the Senators took down that picture of the teams shaking hands after game five of last year. Ottawa never had a chance with the Penguins neutralizing any effort the Senators made. Crosby scored the third goal nailing the stake through the heart of the team. Like Leonidas and the Spartans being killed down to the last man by arrows from Xerxes, the Senators are dead. Fluery had 21 saves ending an incredible fours games, allowing only 5 goals in the whole series. Malkin and Ruutu joined Crosby in the scoring department to advance the Penguins to the Eastern Conference Semi-finals beginning next week. Gary Roberts didn't play because of a groin injury, so this will allow him to rest up and give WDVE a chance to think up more "What Would Gary Roberts Do" bits. 

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