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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Please don't tell me this is really Jason Davis

My favorite dlister is without a doubt Jason Davis. He has all of the obnoxious, spoiled, outrageous-stupidity that Brandon Davis has, but is really fat and lazy at the same time. I like to laugh at him when his fat ass gets denied at some Hollywood douche club, or when he has to go shirtless at a  Malibu beach party. I love seeing pictures of his gluttonous mess of a life, but it looks like he may be slimming down, and all that entertainment may being coming to a end. In most cases loosing weight when you are obese is the best life decision you can make, but in Jason Davis's case that would be career suicide. Aside from being Brandon Davis's brother, which doesn't do much for him, Jason is known for being sloppy, fat, and grotesque. Loosing weight is like Jennifer Grey getting a nose job. He may never be on TMZ again!!! Hopefully this was all taped on a Biggest Loser celebrity addition or  Celebrity Fit Club episode. I doubt it, because I really don't think Jason Davis is famous enough even for those shows, and that is saying alot. 

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