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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ashlee Simpson gets engaged to get some press.

Ashlee Simpson got engaged to that guy from Fall Out Boy to get some press. She is tired of living in the shadow of someone else's dream, so she figured people would talk about her instead of Jessica on the cover of Esquire shaving if she got married. I guess Ashlee Simpson forgot that the vultures are currently circling Jay Z and Beyonce. They won't even flinch at Ashlee Simpson until they at least are able to confirm that Beyonce tied the knot. Nice try Ashlee, you could have at least made this a pop fiction episode. If you did then your Avril Lavigne impersonation would finally come to fruition. Fake punk music... yep. Annoying and dumb... yep. In a relationship with a lead singer from a fake punk rock band... yep. Fans almost as horrible as you... yep. Pop fiction episode... nope. Come on Ashlee step it up. I don't know, maybe get a boob job or something. Your plastic surgery thing seems to get people talking. I think that Solange Knowles, Ashlee Simpson, and Alli Lohan should all form a girl band called Never Good Enough. They could sing songs about never being good enough for their parents because their more famous siblings get all the attention. It would at least be fun to laugh at them humiliating themselves.

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