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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Mariah Carey surpasses Elvis with her 20th number one single "Touch My Body" look out Beatles Mariah is on her war path Huffington Post

Hiedi Montag endorses John McCain- does this mean that Lauren Conrad must Endorse Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Gawker

Anyone interested in seeing lesbian porn with Dita Von Teese? The Sun

Scott Wieland fired as frontman for Velet Revolver - MTV

See Gisele Bundchen's naked but cheeks here- INF DAILY

NBC planning on ruining the Office by creating a spin off- The Hollywood Reporter

Shakira Sex Tape? - DEFAMER

Hillary says Obama can't win in November- what do you expect her to say? NBC

To no ones suprise judge dismisses lawsuit against BORAT - AP

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