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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton ruining the Clinton Legacy?

I was about seconds away from voting for Clinton on Tuesday. I was torn between both candidates up until the point I stepped into the voting both. What made me vote for Obama was his character through out this primary. I feel that Obama has conducted himself impeccably well. Clinton, on the other hand, has come off no better than Karl Rove and his Republican lackeys. This begs the question: Are the Clintons destroying their 1990's legacy? For Democrats the Clintons have been like royalty. Bill can charge upwords of 200,000 dollars for appearances, and Hillary had a reputation of being upstanding politician. The fact that Hillary won't concede a loss, and the fact that the whole family is starting to wear thin on even the most die hard Democrats is destroying the Clinton name. Up until this primary, the Clintons were on par to be compared to the Kennedey's in terms of public service. Now, they are beginning to look desparate, and somewhat comparable to the way the right has been portraying them for the last ten years. This does not look good for the family. I think that Clinton needs to get out of the race to protect the Clinton name. Your thoughts?

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