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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Favorite Headline of the Day: Star Jones Files for Divorce

Not that I wish heartbreak and divorce on anyone... wait yes I do, and this is one person that I definitely wished it on. Star Jones ran around writing books and bragging about how much she was in love, and how great her relationship was. When people do things like this you can't help root for their relationship to come crashing down to the ground in flaming ashes. Speaking of flaming wasn't her husband gay anyway? I think some website was calling him Big Gay Al. Ha. Anyway, Star Jones filed for divorce back in March, but acknowledged it today. Her huge lavish wedding, and self indulgent book was all a show, trying to hide the likely failure of the relationship. Now her marriage and her book can be in the half priced books bin at Barnes and Nobles. Poor Star, she ruined her only chance to be "happily marraied" because we all know that no one will make the mistake that Al made again. All this story does is make be think about how much I miss the fat Star Jones. I loved hearing her fat person breathing. You know the weezing sound that is made from being fat and talking to much. Also We will never be able to see things like this again :
star jones gets hit in the face with a football

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