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Monday, April 14, 2008

Why does Heidi from Hills Continue to Humiliate Herself?

Heidi from the Hills stopped by TRL today, and talked about some crap- clothes, Spencer, blah blah blah, but my attention was caught when she revealed that she can rap. Man, this girl can do it all. Sing, rap, walk around on the beach in a bikini. Well, if her singing is any indication of her rapping you know what you are in for. I think what makes this even more cringe worthy is that she decides to rap in front of Nelly, a room full of TRL viewers, and a nation of haters. Here is the clip. View at your own risk. I actually like Heidi and Spencer for most of the reasons everyone else hates them, but this is pretty unforgivable

Just in case you want a closer look at her poetry here is the breakdown:
Yo, yo
I got Heidiwood
I’m wearing it all day
I like it, so what do you got to say
You got apple bottoms, what
You know what’s going up
Um, keep going, I’ll keep flowing
You know what I like to say
Everyday, I’m in New York
It’s all good this way

If you watch the video closely it is funny to see how Heidi earnestly believes that her presence in the media is the result of having fans rather than a result of general hatred by the public, and fodder for ruthless bloggers.

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