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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brett Michaels Decides that a Soccer Mom is his Rock of Love

Rock of Love had it's finale tonight where Bret Michaels had to decide between Daisy, the Stripper who lives with her ex boyfriend, and Ambre, the .... um.... Ambre the 37 year old. I look at Amber and try to figure out how she got on this show. She's really not that skanky, slutty, whorey, or hoish. She is kind of dorky, lame, and not hot at all. She reminds me of a girl that was maybe in the marching band or glee club in highschool and had a picture of poison on her bedroom wall. I don't know how she managed to get on the show, let alone win. Yes, Bret picked Ambre the soccer mom. Last season, he said Heather was too crazy (Which she proves next week on the reunion show by kicking poor Daisy's ass), so I guess he was going for a girl who would stand there smiling as he made out with a groupie in front of her face. We all know that Bret got rid of the true "Rock of Love" early on.....Angelique.  Daisy proved to be too much of a Rock of Love contestant. She was a stripper, lived with her ex boyfriend, and is nothing more than a receptacle for Bret Michael's excretions. I do feel a bit bad for Daisy. She seems like a nice person, and was not as much of a horrible person as most of the people on the show. Regardless, she was brutally picked on and harassed after the show's punching bag, Christie Jo, left. And it looks like that continues on the reunion show next week when the world's most perfect reality TV character "Heather" (Heather may have competition with the creation known as "Hotlanta" on Flavor of Love, which we really need to see more of) physically annihilates poor Daisy. It makes me chuckle seeing someone named Daisy just get pushed into traffic, back-stabbed, and targeted for the wrath of borderline trashcan women. The show is never about who is picked in the end. It is about how we get there. The more women on the show to get drunk, fight, and slut around the better. Next week, we get to see all of them unleashing their general disdain for each other, while barely noticing the guy that they were all fighting over to be standing 10 feet away. 

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