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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape?

First Marilyn Monroe, and now Jimi Hendrix? The New York Times is reporting that Vivid Entertainment is releasing a grainy video that is purportedly Jimi Hendrix having sex who two unidentified women. Many believe that this is not him. The video is 45 minutes long with only 11 minutes of sex. Why are sex tapes that people are not even sure are celebrities selling? Especially ones of celebrities from the 60's. Who the hell cares about this shit, and who would but it. There is even less of a reason to buy this than the new Madonna album. Now if Jimi Hendrix was tripping his face off while trying to have sex that may be something worth watching. It may be like one of those videos that you have to watch high. Kind of like Harrold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

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