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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Return to Trash!!!

I have gone over board on sporting news this weekend, so I thought that I would trash things up a bit with some entertainment junk. Here is a picture of Hannah Montanna apparently going topless for a Vanity Fair shoot. She looks to be holding a bed sheet over her chest. Awesome, sexy in bed! I can just picture (although I won't) 12 year old girls everywhere posing topless with their bed sheet in front of the mirror in their pink rooms. They are right next to their stuffed animals, and right in front of their dollhouses. We just really want to ruin this girl's life, uh? What are her parents doing? She is being perfectly groomed to have a late twenty's nervous breakdown, where she is removed from her Beverly Hills Mansion tied to a gurney. Now you may think I am over reacting over a photo shoot, but it is just one of many things that shows this girl is being deprived of a normal fifteen year old life. She has replaced normal life experiences with publicity and fame. When the lights and cameras wear off as happy pill drugs, she will turn to pain and anxiety pills or street drugs, and we will be there waiting with our keyboards and comment threads. South Park has interpreted it the best. I also think that we are doing an incredible job of creating a nation of pedophiles. Why do young girls need to be overly sexualized? There are enough models out there to provide masturbation material. At least wait till they are 18 before you start posing them with their legs spread. There is a nation of tweens stalking this girl. We should at least sit them down and explain to them the shit storm that will inevitably occur in the next couple years. 

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