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Thursday, April 17, 2008

MTV Comes Clean About Why People Go On The Real World

The millionth season of the Real World debuted last night. I know I am a little behind on this. MTV was upfront this year and actually told the viewers that everyone was on the show to become famous via acting, singing, or celebrity journalism. Don't worry you will all be fighting for a spot on the Challenge in three months time anyway. We have our usual cast of "Real" people. The bitch, the slut, the naive southern girl, the meat head, the goofy meat head, the nice guy, and the arrogant recluse. The season looks like your typical season of them getting drunk, fighting, and cheating on a significant other. Videogum and Buddy TV have good recaps. I do have to wonder whether these reality shows know they are dangerously teatering on reckless endagerment of their cast members. MTV has put a man with obvious anger issues in a house with a stripper who has a warrant out for her arrest because of aggravated assault. Sounds like good TV, plays out as bad idea. You did hear me correct, MTV has added a stripper to the cast. Not a girl who gets drunk and takes off her clothes, but an actual stripper. My favorite quote was when the stripper said that she can't understand how people judge a person based on their job. Stripping is only a job and you should not judge someone on that. Ummm, what possibly could you judge one on, if you can't judge them based on taking their clothes off for a living. I think that says a lot about a person, and it is a perfectly good reason to be judgemental. MTV looks like they have tried to save money by renting the Big Brother house between seasons. The house this season is seriously a studio. Also does anyone else think the brown haired chick looks like Julia Allison? I wouldn't be suprised if she showed up on a Real World, she'll pretty much take any job that entails getting on camera. The Whole episode is above if you want to watch.

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