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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hells Kitchen borders on camp

Hells Kitchen debuted last night, and it took a hint from the Hills. This show is so obviously scripted and overly exaggerated that it cannot be taken seriously. The show started with all the contestants on a bus going to Hells Kitchen. Ramsey was in disguise on the bus listening to what everyone said. His disguise was ridiculous. He could have worn the glasses, mustache, and nose combo sold and Rite Aid, and would have been more unrecognizable. Anyone who was fooled was definitely faking it. The contestant had to make Ramsey their signature dish for the first challenge. The dishes were completely unbelievable, but not as unbelievable as Ramsey's vomiting after tasting a scallop tartar with shaved white chocolate dish. The show cracks me up because they go completely over the top humiliating the contestants by putting them in unrealisticly high stress situations with Ramsey insulting them the whole time. If Top Chef is authentic restaurant reality, then Hell's Kitchen is just comic buffoonery. They purposely pick fat, lazy, stupid people that Ramsey can just rip to shreds. Last year they had an Ihop line cook, and this year they have a legal secretary and a stay at home dad! You mean to tell me one of these people could turn out to be an executive chef? Yeah right. Its good TV, but there is no way it is even remotely genuine.

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