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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Real World Awards Bash??

MTV went on their bash- a- program- into -your -head mode this weekend with the RealWorld Awards Bash. Basically the show was just a a chance for the all of the cast members to come together get wasted and then act stupid, and argue whose cast was the best. I loved seeing Brooke celebrate that she won best on screen melt down. These people reveled in the fact that they were being honored for humiliating themselves on national TV. I also liked the fact that Stephen from Seattle now has a male partner. He finally came out of the closet. Remember when he "bitch-slapped" Irene for saying that they could never marry because he was gay? I know, bitch slapping a girl is the best way to prove you are a heterosexual man. How could she say that? I remember when the Real World used to be an actual exercise in human interpersonal communications. At one time the purpose of the show was to explore how young people with different life experiences would interact together in today's changing world. The show has disintegrated into a bunch of border line personalities vying for attention by getting drunk and making poor decisions. Most hope to boost some kind of reality TV career by getting on the show, or at the very least, be offered a chance to further destroy their reputation by being offered a spot on the Real World Challenges. The show used to cast by finding interesting people. Now they just try to find people that will live their three months in the house like Days of Our Lives. Law and medical students have been replaced with Hooter waitresses and wannabe actors. You can actually see when this transformation took place. It began with season 8 in Hawaii when MTV realized drunks and someone in a committed relationship who cheats makes better TV, and by season 12 in Las Vegas the transformation was complete. Appropriatley, MTV decided to debut their new format in of all places Las Vegas. There were not many surprises on the show. I was shocked to hear that Frankie from San Diego died from Cystic Fibrosis, and it was funny how bad Nathan from Seattle had aged. The show mainly stuck to more recent seasons for viewership purposes no doubt. They didn't give Issac (the best real world cast member in years) enough screen time, and I would have loved to see someone push CT or Coral in the pool ( How much of a dick is CT?) I think the most shocking thing was that the Austin cast won favorite season?!?!? That was a travesty. Crazy, Lime-disease ridden, Irene alone made Seattle a better season.  You can see all of the nominations and winners here. Overall this was just a new way for MTV to promote the new season in Hollywood.(pictured below)

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