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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jay Z and Beyonce move one step further to taking over all of entertainment

Jay Z Inc., acquired Beyonce LLC on Friday merging the two conglomerates into one of the most powerful entertainment entities on earth. The FCC is investigating the acquisition for federal anti-trust violations. Basically, JayZ and Beyonce got married on Friday officially completing their joint control over Hip-Hop and R&B. If Beyonce becomes pregnant Shiloh Pitt will have some competition for most famous baby. I think the tabloids are already writing headlines twenty years in advance for when these two uber kids grow up. It is amazing how powerful this couple will be. They are both moguls worth millions of dollars. Now they can not only have their own line of products, but they can also have a line of products for married couples. I am just waiting for the Beyonce-Jay Z line of matching his and her bathrobes. 

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