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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amy Winehouse Has Been Looking Good Rec.....Oh Wait That Was A Stray Cat I Saw.

For a second there, right around the Grammys Wino started to look like she was pulling her life together. She began looking less Cro-magnon Women, and was sleeping at night. Well, that was quickly destroyed just like any possibility of a second successful album. Amy is back to doing what she does best: impersonating a cave women, wondering the streets in the dead of night, and head butting good samaritans. I guess the other night was a particularly successful night of trashcan antics. The above headline of, I am assuming the Sun, says it all. I am just as shocked as you. I would never think someone who looks like Amy Winehouse (i.e. a crackhead) could be capable of such behavior.... Actually I would be more surprised if I wasn't hearing things like this about her. To top off her goal driven life, London Police are now investigating assault and drug use charges to see whether an arrest is in order. Good for her!! I am so happy for her! We really need cameras to follow her around. It is a match made in Reality TV heaven.

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