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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tracy Ullman does Dina Lohan!!!

I have been looking for this video of Tracy Ullman doing Dina Lohan since Sunday night, when State of the Union debuted, so that I would be the first to bring it to the millions that read my blog. Unfortunately, I was not successful. Those bitches at Jezebel had it yesterday, but were too selfish to share the embeded code, and Best Week Ever posted it today.(By the way Michelle Collins has a fabulous post about the new Kanye West video for Homecoming where she compares Chris Martin's shadow to an autistic kid in an Apple I-pod commercial- No that was not an April fools joke). Luckily, I found the Dina Lohan video on You Tube, so if you are having trouble viewing it, that means that Showtime got to it before you did. It also means you don't read my blog enough. "I should have never restarted her fuckin heart" I hear ya Dina.

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