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Monday, April 28, 2008

They Should Put Chris Crocker on Gossip Girls.

As I've said before, Chris Crocker is  dead ringer for Sabrina's brother (Connor Paolo) on Gossip Girl. There has been talk that one of the characters would be coming out of the closet this season, and many have postulated that it is going to be Serena's brother Eric Van Der Woodsen. If the creators are going to do this, they should really go all out. Chris Crocker would be perfect. They should let him completely be himself and put no restraints on his flamboyance- sun dresses and all. He should play himself just with the name Eric instead. It would make Gossip Girls even more gay and fabulous than it is (Im not sure if that is possible) I could just picture the cast at a Van Der Woodsen family dinner with Chris Crocker in high heels and a purse. Look at the picture above, how could that not make Gossip Girl better? I am not a big fan of Gossip Girls, but I do watch it with my fiance. The show is your typical drama filled prime time soap, but with Manhattan references. Adding Chris Crocker would fullfill the network's desperate attempt at ratings. Does anyone else notice the shameless shoving of Gossip Girl commercials down our throats. College Humor had a funny video today about Gossip Girls being interrupted by a promo for a new show Cop Nation. The station spends more time promoting shows than shows themselves.

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