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Monday, April 21, 2008

This Is The Last Time I Post Anything About The Hills....Promise.

I think most people try to figure out why they are watching the Hills for the whole half hour that it is on.  I can't believe that anyone could actually be team LC. She is boring, demanding, and generally a difficult person. No wonder guys cheat on her. I would. You're bored with her once you get to know her. At this point, I find it hard to believe that Miss Conrad herself hasn't accused MTV of editing the show to make her look like a bitch. Speaking of editing, the Hills have completely destroyed my understanding of how normal human communication works. They have edited things to the point where not only is the body language hard to read, but apparently it means something different that what I have learned after 27 years. Case in point, when Lo and LC ask Audrina to live with them in a new house, the body language, through editing, tells me that Lauren and LC don't want Audrina to live with them, and that Audrina doesn't want to live with them, but Audrina agrees to live with them, and they seem to be happy about it.  MTV  wants to force into a 30 second lunch all signs pointing to Lauren and Audrina growing apart, so they will edit the lunch to hell when the signs aren't naturally there. The looks don't match up with the language. I am surprised they did not edit in a facial expression that Lauren made from last season. I could just picture them doing something stupid like that when they can't find a glance or facial expression that fits the story line. They would be in a restaurant and pan to Lauren in a different outfit making a face then pan back to her in the restaurant. That's pretty much the Hills: Lauren sucking, and weird editing. 

In other waste of time TV, Gossip Girls came back last night, and I was forced to watch it with my fiance. It definitely is not the best TV show ever like the New York Magazine has said it is, although there were a few things to make note of. First, Sabrina's brother (the one everyone says will be gay) is a dead ringer for Chris Crocker, the leave Britney alone guy, and second, they use real references to things in New York, which are fun to listen too. Last nights episode kept making references to Butter, which dates when that episode was written (Butter has to be over by now). It will be interesting to see if the show is effected at all by WB's publicity push. Me thinks the show was not doing to well before the break it took. 

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