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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pittsburgh continues its move into national news!!!

With the Cyril Wecht mistrial and The Penguins, Pittsburgh has been in the national news spotlight alot recently. Since I do consider this somewhat of a Pittsburgh blog, I feel that I must bring attention to the fact that my town is being talked about for a reason other than declining population, rising average age, or general disgust. Well, this kind of qualifies as something other than what was just listed. The guy who is in the Steeler Mascott Steely McBeam ( yeah I know its terrible), was arrested for drunk driving with a .166 blood alcohol level. He was then let go by the Steeler organization. This didn't even really hit the local news radar, but the blogoshere has picked it up and ran with it. I guess the fact the Pittsburghers are drunks, and the fact that Mc is involved allows for a whole level of fun with word play. McDrunk Mc JimBeam etc. Since Deadspin and Best Week Ever, I am sure, can come up with something wittier and funnier to say I will let them take it from here. Deadspin - Best Week Ever.  


8 said...
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8 said...

also dan hopper of best week ever and author of steely post is from the burgh...perhaps that has something to do with it?

just thought you might like some comments round here

jwormyk said...

Thank you for the comment whoever you are. Dan Hopper being from PIttsburgh has nothing to do with the post. It is the complete success of McBeam as a mascott that has everyone interested in everything he does in his personal and private life.