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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Can't Help But Blame Paris Hilton For The Nations Problems.

Paris Hilton has decided to attack the Franken-monster she created known as Km Kardashian. After taking Kim Kardashian under her wing, and teaching her how to be famous for nothing more than a sex tape, she has decided to turn on her. Once Kim began to challenge Paris in the sucking dick department, Paris decided that it was time to make her move. Paris knows that her turkey of a reality show, which involves looking for a new best friend, can't hold a candle to the mindless electrolysis-laden crap that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So what does an overexposed, spoiled, heartless, publicity-dimwit to do? Hit Kim where it hurts, and in this case that's her Ass. Yes Paris Hilton has gone after Kim Kardashian's Asssss. On some radio show, Paris Hilton said that Kim's ass was disgusting and looked like cottage cheese in a garbage bag. Paris, it is going to take a lot more than that to defeat Kim's ass. This will be the war of the ages. Kim's ass is more powerful and cunning than you think. You have underestimated the strength and durability of that thing. Did you see Cloverfield? Yeah that was nothing. It's going to take all branches of the United States military, and technological advances in weaponry to come up with something to take down that beast. 

Now not to get too serious on this (I don't think you have read this far anyway), but we are in a national crisis in this country with young girls. I don't want to sound like a conservative, but there is seriously an emergency in this country with women, and I can't help but blame Paris Hilton. She created and perpetuates a way of life that promotes sexual promiscuity, degradation of women, and a demanding spoiled character. Girls are becoming nasty, superficial, trashcans that think they are entitled to whatever they want, and will stop at nothing to tear down any girl that gets in their way. If you look at the women on TV they are horrible people and that is what young girls look up to. Just in the last week I have seen 8 girls kidnap and beat the hell out of cheerleader, and another girl pick up a chair and bash it over another girls head in a classroom. There was the girl on the bus who beat up her bus driver for not letting her off the bus when she wanted, and then there were the girls who said they were discriminated against by SouthWest for being too good looking. I mean come on. I haven't even got to Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love. Even Miley Cyrus can be blamed. She is teaching young girls to crave celebrity and attention. They want the money, fame, and materialism that publicity can bring. It's all about the want. The desire for attention and nice things.  I hope to god I have sons, because I really don't know how I am going to raise girls in this country. 

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