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Monday, April 28, 2008

This Has To Be Somewhere in the Netherlands...

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Cityrag has posted their top ten favorite videos from CollegeHumor. All of them are worth watching, but I took a particular liking to this one because a) its a kid dancing to trance music b) you have to pay attention to context clues to figure out what country this was filmed in. There is some talking towards the end that sounds like a different language, but for the most part you can use the music, the kid, the girls, and the fact that it is a giant Budweiser trailer with Dj's in it to make an educated guess at what country we are in(whoever can call out who those Dj's are gets a yet undisclosed prize, I 'm saying Deepdish?). Further,  keep your eye on the kid, who is the true star of this video. You have to watch through the bridge of the track, where it breaks down them builds up to its climactic trance-thematic explosion. The kid does his best artistic interpretation, which blows moves I have seen at Raves out of the water. My guess is that this is in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany or Scandinavia, but it could be here in New York or Miami. What's your guess?


Anonymous said...


The kid in this youtube video would straight up SERVE that sweaty-teeth-grinding-glowstick dancing-raver baby. @ year old b-boyPay special attention to his uprock and stalls.

Anonymous said...

This is not in the netherlands. They are not speaking dutch. My bet it is the Chezch Republic.

This is ben