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Monday, April 7, 2008

They are doing it better than I could...

There is a time in every college kid's (or high school, I guess, now days) life when they are introduced to Rahzel's- If Your Mother Only Knew. It is kind of like a right of passage. It is usually when they are stoned, maybe even for the first time, and the kid down the hall who sells them weed has it playing in his room. The unbelievable astonishment of learning that a man is singing and beatboxing at the same time is to much to handle, and it drives some of these kids into deciding that they too wish to master this incredible talent. Luckily, we now have You Tube to make record of this. The following are some of my favorite attempts of people trying to recreate Rahzels beat boxing ability (view the video above to here Rahzel doing it).

6) This kid looks like a fish or something, and you know he thinks he's soo cool:

5) This kid is alright, but doesn't he look like a cross between Trey Anastania and Mike Gordan from Phish?:

4) I like this kid because he so graciously asks viewers of his video what they think, and what he can do to improve:

3) This kid looks like your dog when you give them peanut butter. I think he missed the point that we are not supposed to know that you are trying to beat box and sing at the same time:

2) This kid has to be drunk there is no other excuse:

1) Izzy G has a Santa Clause hat on... If you are wondering why this is number one, then you need to wait until the end when Izzy G does it in Turkish... oh yeh.

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