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Monday, April 14, 2008

Linka Dinka Doo

Potent HIV killer found in alligator blood - COSMOS

10 Most Miserable Sports Cities! No Pittsburghs not on the list, Yes Philadelphia is!- Forbes

The McCain Girls were a hoax. Not Pop Fiction rather 23/6. You go Alex!- Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton continues to push herself as non-elitist by doing a shot of Crown Royal and Chasing it with a beer. She should have at least chose Rebel Yell - ABC News 

Want to see Sienna Miller topless for the millionth time?-  Defamer

Is Britney Spears in talks for another failed reality TV show?-  Dlisted

Ashlee Simpson Pregnant? - BWE

Paris Hilton denies that only 40 people showed up for an open casting call for her new reality TV show, but regardless urges people to go online and sign up. Way to make people think otherwise Paris - Perez Hilton

Chronic NYC subway groper could get life in prison- Breitbart

98% of historians consider Bush as a failure as a President-  U.S News and World Reports

Coldplay's new album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (no that name is not a joke) will be released in the United States June 17th, and will have 10 tracks. Go to This link for a list of the tracks names -  Pitchfork 

Where have all the Bohemians Gone - Salon 

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