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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Did Everyone See This? Obama is a Steelers Fan! Well, at least while he is in Pittsburgh.

At a campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Barrack Obama said that his favorite football team growing up was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, we in Pittsburgh all know that the cheapest way to get support is to start a Steelers chant or say something about the team in public. Every public event I have ever been to in Pittsburgh involves some reference to the Steelers at some point. Whether it is a live show where the performer says something about the Steelers, or just a large group of Pittsburghers who decide to start a "Hear We Go Steelers" chant, when there is a place with a lot of people and usually a stage, you will hear a Steelers plug. I've heard Slug from Atmosphere shout out to the Steelers, and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Hell, I even heard Chris Martin of Coldplay say something about Rothlesburger at a Coldplay show. So I am a bit skeptical about Obama's proclomation. Why is someone growing up in Hawaii, and choosing Pittsburgh's football team as their favorite, so hard to believe? Watch below and judge for yourself.

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