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Monday, April 7, 2008

These Olympics are going to be a doozy...

This is a video of protests in Paris as the Olympic torch was making its way through the country. People were protesting human rights violations by the Chinese government, and I guess they thought the best way to get the attention of the Communists was to attack the Olympic Torch. The torch had to be extinguished three times today. Protestors tried to throw water on the torch and even attacked the poor olympic champions that were carrying the torch. Read all of the Left Wing antics here. They are quite amusing. (Throwing plastic bottles at a wheel chair bound Para-Olympic champion is too much). The torch was eventually put out and placed on a bus to complete its relay through France. Ouch. This is a bad omen of what is to come this summer. Some countries are talking about boycotting the opening ceremonies or the actual games ( Hillary Clinton is saying Bush should boycott the games) unless relations between Tibet and China begin to improve. I did question why the organizers of the games decided on China. It was just asking for human rights protests. China could care less, they have been stealing children from their citizens for the last four years enslaving them in sports prison camps to make sure they bring their great leader honor by winning the medal race. Western Devils! You will never be able to overcome the strength of the Peoples Republic!!

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