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Friday, April 11, 2008

Celebrities are Rich!!

This Sunday's Parade is their annual feature on what people earn. In addition to regular jobs, they round up some celebrity pay packages for all the other crap they do. It always amazes me how much money celebrities make for doing really nothing. Yeah I know Oprah is gods gift to middle aged women, but for the most part celebrities don't do much and make a ton of maoney. Thats why I hate hearing them whine about anything. Suck it up. You make 10,000 to roll out of bed. Here is the list.
OPRAH - $260 million
• Miley Cyrus: $18.2 million
• Katherine Heigl: $11 million
• Jessica Alba: $9 million
• Dr. Phil McGraw: $90 million
• Steven Spielberg: $110 million
• Ryan Seacrest: $12 million
• Mariska Hargitay: $7 million
• Trouble (Leona Helmsley's dog): $12 million
• Tiger Woods: $115 million
• Jeff Foxworthy: $10 million
• Oprah Winfrey: $260 million
• Mary-Kate Olsen: $17 million
Doctor Phil 90 million? Jessica Alba 9 million? How? Jessica Alba's movies are all dumps, and Doctor Phil has only kept credibility with white trash, and day time moms. Its those dat time moms. If you can get that demographic your in. It's also nice to see Jeff Foxworthy making 10 million letting people know that 5ht graders are smarter than them. Also, who the hell is Marissa Hargitay? Anyone?

UPDATE: Marissa Hargitay is on Law and Order, and is Janes Mansfield's daughter. So I guess this furthers my point. Thanks Laura.


8 said...

mariska hargitay is on law and order special victims unit. also she is jane mansfield's daughter

this is laura by the way

8 is my favorite number

Anonymous said...

She is on law and order SVU and is the Hightest paid actress on TV.