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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The G8 summit has nothing on these two...

Mel Gibson met with Britney, I'm not a sociopath, not yet a psychopath, Spears for lunch the other day. Presumably the meeting was about mutual insanity. I could just imagine what this date was like. "So, what do the voices in your head say to you... My voices tell me to make bad movies." "Wow, mine tell me to make bad music!." The last person to give career advice to Britney Spears is someone who has pretty much destroyed their own career, and has become a joke for late night fodder. The only good thing that could come out of this meeting is a Gibson-Spears collaboration in music, or in the alternative film. Could you imagine a Gibson directed, violent-gory epic with Britney Spears as the lead. We all know about her acting ability thanks to the theatrical masterpiece Crossroads. I bet this was what the lunch was all about. They were carefully calculating a move to the big screen a la Jessica Simpson. I think I hear Oscar calling.

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