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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't call her Jlo

People magazine continued their celebrity baby photo cover marathon with JLo's twins. They basically have spent 12 million dollars on baby photos on the last month. There coverage began with Christina Aguillera and has climaxed with JLo. People reportedly spent 6 million dollars for the pictures. 6 million dollars? That is absolutely insane. The worst part is Jlo doesn't even need the money. She should donate it to charity like St. Angelina. One of the clauses in the contract with People was that Jlo would give them the pictures if they would stop calling her Jlo. Oh I see, once she is a mother Jlo became inappropriate. I love how celebrities command us to call them a certain name. There real name isn't good enough. They are such control freaks. I think Jlo knows her big ass title is being stolen by Kim Kardashian so she needs to be known for something else. Jlo carries the big ass moniker, and Jennifer Lopez denotes mother. I get it. Jennifer Lopez just seems like a agonizingly horrible person to be around. I bet her husband just sits next to her staring off into space thinking about what it used to be like to have his own life. Meanwhile Jlo is yelling at him, nagging and demanding all kinds of ridiculous things. You know Jlo is just a ball of crazy demands and nags. Thats what her bliss is in life. Nagging and demanding. It is probably even worse with kids now.

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