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Monday, March 10, 2008

Poor Eliot Spitzer... You know Wall Street wouldn't let you go free.

Surprise, Surprise a politician went and saw a prostitute. The shock is too much. Why aren't there grief counselors available. Eliot Spitzer the governor of New York and the "Sheriff of Wallstreet," was caught on a government wiretap ordering a whore. This is a guy who devoted his life to fighting white collar corruption. He did what politicians are supposed to do, yet his legacy may be being caught with a prostitute. I find it all strange personally. Fox News reported this first, and Wall Street has a reason to get back at Spitzer. I smell set up!!! Fox News is acting like this is such a big deal. Why with conservatives, is an affair or cheating tantamount to defrauding investors out of millions or smoking crack (yes fox made the comparison). Someone cheated on their wife. WOW, maybe its  a story if he is a family values guy, but he wasn't. He was big on ethics,  so "Client number 9" will forever be known as a Hypocrite. Hopefully this will blow over so it stops trashing up news websites. This is a shame. Why Eliot Why? You were the one to make us less cynical. You showed such promise. 

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