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Thursday, March 13, 2008

UH OH.....

This may come off as slightly offensive to some, but I try to keep it real. Race issues are alive and very prevelant in today's America. I have said from the beginning of Obama's bid for President that as long as he distances himself from traditional African American political figures (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson), he will continue to do well and gain support. As soon as race enters any of his speeches or campaign platforms, he's done. African Americans have been discriminated against and abused in a way that white people could never understand. There is no doubt that it continues to this day. Unfortunately, people don't want to hear it. As soon as Obama or anyone who is associated with him begins to speak of African American struggles, he is hurt politically. If Al Sharpton and Obama were photographed together, I guarantee that Hillary Clinton would go up in the polls. Well, a video was released of Obama's pastor preaching about African American struggles. It has of course been a major issue on the news stations and it may effect (or is it affect... my grammar blows!) Obama. You saw Hillary try to use this strategy with the Farakan bit, and you are going to see it alot more. Obama is not making race an issue, but everyone else is. It is a shame that Obama could lose his incredible bid for president because of things other people say. Again, the more race enters the picture the more Obama is damaged. I live in Pennsylvania, and I know that this is even more true in western PA. People don't so much care that Obama is African American, they just don't want to hear him talk about it or the struggles of African Americans. It just goes to show that we have come a long way, but still have a ways to go. Oh, and by the way that preacher is hot shit!!!

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