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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Those Clintons Sure Know How To Sleaze!

Things are back to normal around here. My fiance highjacked my blog and posted a picture of our shih tzu, attempting to pass it off as a newly discovered animal in Pennsylvania. I give her credit for trying, but she needs to raise her game. If she would have pushed a little further, maybe she would have had something. Above is a picture of Obama that was apparently made darker by the Clinton Crew. Man they are gangsta!!! They truly rival Karl Rove in the dark art of sleaze balling. This article talks about how the Clinton made Obama's skin darker in ads to play on racist voters hate. Of Course this was first brought up on the Daily Kos which is hardly an example of logical reasoning. I think the best way for Obama to respond to this ad is to create his own ad where he exaggerates Hillary Clinton's camel toe. I should really be on one of the campaigns payroll with my savy political insite.

A link to the ad is below, because the embedding isn't working

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