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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I pledge allegence to the flag of the....

I was watching "NatGeo" last night, and they had this incredible piece on Secret CIA experiments (clip above). Usually I get some crazy conspiracy theorist telling me all these things that the CIA did, and how the government caused 911 or assassinated the Kennedys. Now I understand what fuels these peoples madness. If conservatives want to understand why Liberals come across as being unpatriotic they need to watch this show. The most interesting documented CIA experiment was definitely the mind control exploration, and particularly the use of LCD in their studies. This was the height of the cold war, and the CIA was trying to use acid to get covert enemy operatives to spill the beans on national secrets. The scientists tried the drug out on homeless people and African American heroin addicted prisoners.... My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty... They kept the prisoners on increasing doses of acid for up to 72 days rewarding their intake of the drug with a dose of heroin....Im proud to be an American were atleast I know Im free... If that is a controlled experiment yielding peer reviewed results then I'm not going to trust any government study. The government had 44 Universities involved and hundreds of other private hospitals and organizations. The agents and scientists involved in the program eventually got distrustful of each other. So what did they do? Well, they dosed those they were suspicious of, unknowingly of course, then tried to interrogate them to find out if they had revealed any secrets. This of course caused the dosed agents to go insane culminating with agent Frank Olsen's suicide by jumping out of a seventeen story building. (Many, rightfully, believed Olsen was knocked out then pushed out to the window for questioning the ethical implications of the CIA's study). Eventually the program was shut down due to its lack of usefulness in the 1970's. Frank Olsen's family was paid 750,00 dollars and all was good. Right? Come on what else do you want them to do. It WAS in the name of national security and all. If you want to know more about this there is a book called The CIA Doctors. Read It.

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