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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stay away from downtown!!!!

For the Yinzers... Stay away from the South Side and downtown. I was riding through town, and was witness to the St. Patrick's Day carnage. It look like it rained green drunks. Nothing like people drinking irresponsibly to pay tribute to an Irish saint. There were people falling and stumbling all over the streets, being carried around, and yelling incoherent drunk talk. It looked like a Leprechaun vomited all over 5th avenue. This was 3 pm, so I can only image the havoc that will occur the rest of the night. DUQ.EDU was in full effect. Co-eds were outfitted with green beads and green and white mad hadder hats. It almost made downtown look like a city with young people....almost. In other 412 news Pitt beat Marquette to make it to the Big East Finals tonight at 9. This sends a message loud and clear that Oakland will be the last place in the world that you will find me tonight. Tomorrow, South Oakland is going to look like Mosul after an Iraqi police force recruiting meeting.

UPDATE: PITT beat GEORGETOWN to win the Big East!!! Pitt has been to Finals the last 7 out of 8 years and has now won twice in the last 8 years. This will most likely raise their seed rank for the NCAA tournament. PITT really played impressively in this tournament.

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