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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Filipino prisoners are sooo six months ago.

Remember those Filipino dancers that were sent to you as an attachment on a forwarded email? You know the ones all doing Thriller together that made the rounds on Late Night TV and the Sheppard Report. Well, they won't go away. Like most You Tube videos, we laugh, sigh, then go looking for something even funnier. These guys keep releasing new videos to different dances. They really think they can extend their fifteen minutes of fame from prison. Let me give them a piece of advice. It's a cut throat world out there in entertainment. One minute your in the next your out. (Thank you Heidi Kluuuum). If they expect to stay on the radar, they really need to stay ahead of the trends. Their latest video is Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy!??! That is so last year. They should have at least done the Little Mama G-slide. Plus the tranny isn't in this video! Who is their manager? He should be fired. You know there is some prison group out there just waiting to push the Filipinos down the stairs as they are exiting the stage (or cafeteria in this case). Yes that was a Showgirls reference, for those of you asking.

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