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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I called it!!!!!!!!!

Lost is the absolute best fucking show on TV. They bring it hard core every week. This season has been so good. There is no way it won't win the Emmy. I think the end to the writers strike was partly do to people worrying about missing out on Lost. The show's character development is beyond anything on TV and blows away most silver screen movies. This week we found out Michael is on the Kahana ship. I called it last week. I knew we hadn't seen the last of Michael (or Kevin - his new name). This weeks episode would be sappy under any normal prime time drama, but there is such a connection to the characters because of the incredible writing that it came off genuine. In true Lost fashion we found out that Sun was having a flash forward revealing she is an Oceanic Six member, while Jin was having a flashback. Sun was in labor and Jin was trying to buy a Panda on the way to the emergency room. The viewer was to believe Jin was on his way to see Sun in labor, but at the end of the episode we learn he was actually bringing a gift to the Chinese ambassador's newly delivered son. *****Spoiler**** We find out Jin has somehow died (in September of 2004), and Sun was going through labor alone, delivering the baby girl Jin named, and expressed his desire for on the island. It was emotional, exciting, gripping, and interesting. We further discovered that Penny's father is trying to find the island, and has the black box from the dummy plane that was planted to fool people into believing the plane crashed and all its survivors died. The captain of the Kahana says Ben was responsible for the fake plane and the dead bodies on board, but Michael slipped Sayid and Desmond a piece of paper saying don't trust the captain. Also, what was with the lady who committed suicide? Every question answered on Lost comes along with more mysteries. I know the ending of this show will be a disappointment, but every episode leading up to that point will be worth whatever solution they give us.

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