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Thursday, March 6, 2008

On a Brighter Note

Things weren't all bad on TV tonight. Fish and Chiks finally got the boot on the Dance show. They were stanking up that show big time. The skate guys were actually pretty good this week. They kept dorky dude away from the camera. That was the best dance move of the night. LOOOOOOOOST was mediocre. I don't care much for Juliette so her back story was blaaaaah. They did reveal some plot details that most fans should have already figured out.
******SPOILER ALERT******
First, Penny's dad owns the freighter and is trying to get to the island. Second, Ben has someone on the boat and has told Locke. They didn't say who, but I am assuming we will find out next week. I think Michael or Walt. (It may be Sayed, but that wouldn't make sense chronologically). It is someone that we thought was dead and haven't seen in a while. This is based on the preview for next week. Third, Ben is in love with Juliette who was being punished in early episodes for having an affair with a married man. "Make me a Supermodel" was its usual boring self. There was some kind of drama involving Britney Spear's paparrazzi boyfriend and one of the wannabee model's girlfriend. Don't know, don't care. Does anyone think any of these people on this show are worth looking at naked? The answer is no. Tyra Banks wouldn't even put these girls are her dumb show.

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