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Saturday, March 15, 2008

John Gibson gone!

The coolest dude in news, John Gibson (doing his best Chester the Molester impression above) will no longer host Fox New's "The Big Story." The Big Story was canceled so Fox can have their incessant Election Headquarters on more often. Gibson was your typical Fox conservative who's gimmick was "why can't things be more like the 1950's." John Gibson was not that old, but came off as being nothing more that a crabby old man who needed his Depends changed. He was responsible for the uproar over the Broke Back Mountain joke that went something like this: Jake Gyllehal can now "quit" Heath Ledger. Get it (Ledger was found dead from an accidental drug overdose). I know... how could Fox News get rid of a guy with such acute comedic timing. Gibson will continue on the radio, but will not have his show on the Fox News channel. This is the beginning of Fox's plan to have the network dominated by blond vixens who are highly qualified as communication majors. Americas Newsroom lost a "good American" that can never be replaced. Excuse me while go on a Big Story-You Tube marathon to mourn his passing.

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