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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Those girls hate her so bad

I am posting this picture for every reason except for the fact that Jordan is in it. Her less ginormous boobs are a perfect reason to post, but I find the girls she hired to pose with her much more interesting. You can see the hate for Jordan on their faces no matter how hard they try to hide it. You know some producer told them "this is a celebration of the woman's body, don't be shy, all sizes are beautiful..." just to get them on the stage only to be humiliated by being posed next to the plastic, fake, street-walking barbie known as Katie Price. The horror on their faces is classic. You know Jordan is trying to say her underwear line is for all women, but it is coming across like ...no.... Jordan's underwear line is for Jordan because these girls look, angry, fearful, and uncomfortable as hell in that second rate Fredericks of Hollywood shit. The girl on the far right is the best. You know she just tore through the Kraft food service table, and she is ready to eat the rest of the girls next.

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