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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Im not just sure....Im HIV positive!!!!

Leave it to South Park to come up with a line like the one above. The new season of South Park debuted last night and was funny, but slightly a let down. Cartman got AIDS, gave it to Kyle, and the two of them went to Magic Johnson to find out how to survive. They discover that injecting money directly into your body cures AIDS. The cure to AIDS is money... 140,000 dollars to be exact. Thats how Magic Johnson has survived the HIV virus for so long. The joke was funny, although we didn't need an entire episode for it. There wasn't even a side plot in this episode. I hope the rest of the season shapes up better. I like it when South Park is topical. Hopefully they will do an Elliot Spitzer episode. I could just imagine how dirty and offensive it could be. They could have a field day with the fact that "Client 9" preferred sexual conduct that appeared to be dangerous or painful.

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