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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thats a Yinzer!!!!

I have previously posted about Pittsburgh being God's gift to reality TV. Tonight, I was once again reassured of this. We have the most reality TV stars per capita than any other city in the country besides LA (And we are pretty much responsible for all of Rock Of Love). Now, we possibly have the greatest trifecta of reality TV stars ever to grace trash TV, and possibly the greatest reality TV moments ever on an MTV show. As I said before, there were three elegant ladies on MTV's "That's A Whor'e'" from Western Pennsylvania.  Two were previously eliminated with one, Ashley, throwing a tantrum by trying to break back into the house and beat up the remaining girls when she was given the boot (I guess she was doing her best Ashley impression...get it?). This week, the "Bambinas" that were left got to bring their families onto the show, and we, the viewer, got to meet three of the most culturally elite, well read people ever to come from the Steel City. Christina, her mother, and her godmother completely trashed the whole show. They showed up drunk acting like they had just downed a case of Iron City at the Three Rivers Regatta, cheered and boasted about being the best canolli suckers (which they definitely were- thanks to Sunseris in the Strip District no doubt), and then swiftly got kicked off the show for kicking Kathaleen's ass. They brought the Yinzer in full force, and kept it truly Pittsburgh real. Christina's mother kept yelling "Yager Bomb" over and over in her perfect Pittsburgheeze, and then tried to fight 21 year old Taylor for touching her...yes touching her. Christina's godmother was your typical Monongahela Valley trashcan. You know, the type you commonly run into wasted at Cupka's after a Monday night Steeler game. I guarantee you these women are cocktail waitresses during the day shift at Club Erotica...no wait they are the ladies who hold the tap and pump the keg for the free beer (you know what I am talking about). I don't think MTV knew what they were getting into allowing true Pittsburghers on National TV with unfeathered access to Yager. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is that McKees Rocks, McKeesport, Glassport and any other place polluted by runoff from the old Pittsburgh Mills creates the best humans ever for TV. This show by the way is really the pits. Tila Teqila was bad enough, but when you didn't even make it on that show,  and ended up on the left over show vying for the loser of Shot of Love, you really know you made it. This episode was soo good you really just have to watch it yourself (you can above and here). Kathaleen's parents were the coolest people I have ever seen. Take my word for it.

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