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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hillary wins or something...

I guess Hillary Clinton has won Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island (that one made all the difference). This apparently, according to the 24 news people, allows her to continue in her quest to be the first President referred to by first name. I liked watching the news stations go crossed eyed trying to figure out what this means to each campaign. Obama won 12 straight primaries, but now has to revamp his strategy due to tonights results. Clinton, on the other hand, made mistakes days ago, but now made good decisions in her campaign. I bet if you watched this crap continuously for 24 hours you would go into a seizure and begin questioning if the sun revolves around the earth. It is a good example of how you can analyze something down to nothing. The best part of it all is that neither delegate can get enough votes to secure the nomination before the convention no matter what happens. The Democrats decided it was not a violation of the constitution to tell Michigan and Florida that there votes don't count. This will inevitably come back to haunt the party in the weeks to come. There will be no doubt that Clinton will file suit, giving the Republicans ample time to plan how to attack the Democrats, and let John McCain recover from that arm extension surgery he desperately needs. My friends... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for pretending that my arms look normal and that I have a semblance of charisma. So basically nothing really happened tonight other than blah blah blah, Susan Estrich coughed up a toad, and Karl Rove finally got his throne at Fox News. I am waiting for Megan Kelly to give Rove a blow job while Brett Hume massages his feet in the next Super Election something coverage.

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