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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jason Davis is true Glamour

Us Weekly loves Angalena Jolie and Dlisted loves Phoebe Price.... I love Jason Davis. More like, hate Jason Davis, but whatever. The fact that Brandon Davis is famous makes me sick, but I guess Jason Davis getting papped is even worse. If there is a Z list, Jason Davis is one of its stars. I wouldn't care if he was getting attention unwillingly, but I am sure that he actually wants to be written about. He kind of represents everything that I hate about L.A.- Disgusting people thinking they are entitled. Well, Jason Davis seems to have gotten himself into some trouble. He got a DUI and was found in possession of Heroin. I say yeah!! Why? Only because we get more pictures like the one above. All the pictures of "gummybear" are your stereotypical pictures of a "slob". I would much rather see pictures of slobs than red carpet "glamazons". Let's see the way these people really look, rather than their fake, photo-touched, stylist, manipulated appearance...SNARK!. You know Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Lopez look like Jason Davis when they wake up in the morning before their make up artists and stylists get to them. I think what's great about this photo is the girl to the left of him. She's probably texting her friend "I can't believe it, I'm sitting next to Elvis!"

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