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Thursday, March 27, 2008


If you live in Pittsburgh and don't live under a rock, then you heard about the 12 hour stand off between Lyndsey Paulat and polie at Steeler Cedric Wilson's home. Natrona Hieghts finest shot a gun off twice, and held off police for twelve hours in Wilson's Pine Township home. Ms. Paulat spent a week at Mercy Behavioral Clinic following the incident. She later said Mr. Wilson provoked her to kill herself in phone conversations that day, leading to the prolonged standoff. Wilson got a restraining order against Paulat, but later dropped the PFA. Well the Pittsburgh uber couple are at it again. Yeah! Apparently Paulat and Cedric Wilson got into a public fist fight at Patron's Restaraunt along Perry Highway. Wilson threw a hay-maker after pushing Paulat from behind. Cedric's punch hit Paulat in the face leaving her injured. Wilson then left the restaurant, only to be arrested at his home later that night. I am embarrassed to say that I actually know Paulat, and she is every bit as trashy as she seems. She has been going after professional sports players for years. When she found out she was pregnant with Wilson's kid the first thing she asked me was how much money she could get. Regardless, these two are turning into my favorite Pittsburgh celebrity trash couple. Someone give them a reality TV show stat!!! I've always thought that a show following around NFL payers and their baby's mama's would be a great reality TV show.

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