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Monday, March 24, 2008

Une chienne américaine muette à Paris!!!!

"The Hills" made it's return to trash TV tonight. Every time I watch this show, I ask how the hell did Lauren Conrad get her own show? She is incredibly boring and has zero personality. The personality she does have is so ugly that I wonder why anyone would want to hang around her. The show is fake and scripted, so you would think the producers could at least create a personality for Lauren. Sometimes it looks like Lauren is even wondering why people want to follow her snooze of a character. Conrad hosted the Hills live premier and just stood there with this blank smile on her face. She is the type of person that answers a question with one word and a smile. Her job at Teen vogue was the biggest joke. She kind of "helped out" at fashion shoots and events. If you watch, she is not helping out, but actually more "in the way" of other people doing stuff. They give her things to do just to get her out of the way. They are like, "Lauren, here is a rubber ball, bounce it...after that twiddle your thumbs, it's totally hot right now- everyone is doing it in Milan." I have always been a Heidi-Spencer fan. Not just because they are good TV, but because they are way more interesting and actually have something to say. Hey Lauren, its sad when two Old Navy mannequins have more of a personality than you. Lauren has created all the drama on that show and blamed it on other people. Lauren is just this bland miserable person that is way too controlling over her friends, and always has something or someone to complain about. "Can you believe they did that to me!?" Ummm, yes Lauren, I can . People hang out with you so they can be on TV. Get a life, not a pathetic one that MTV created for you. One good thing about tonight's episode was the music. They had a bunch of French hip-hop and house playing. If a show takes place in France, I guarantee you that you will hear Mc Solaar. La Belle et le Bad Boy is a favorite of TV producers for a character going through an important life lesson in Paris. Sex in the City, Entourage, The Hills, and Greys Anatomy have all used it. Name something taking place in Paris and I bet you that song is used.

Because I love Lost so much, here is a Lost video someone made on You Tube using the song:

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