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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We finally have proof of Gossip Gays

There has been rumors a swirling about Gossip Girls and the word gay. First, the character Dan in the book was a Mo', but the shows producer decided to cut-that-out! Now some are saying that one of the characters will be coming out of the closet when the show returns. Further, there has been all this talk in internet world about J.C Chasez and Chance Crawford going all Broke Back Mountain on Carrie Underwood (Crawford's real life girlfriend). The two have been spotted a bunch of places together, and reportedly have moved in with each other. If this is true it would make the greatest country western song ever for Carrie Underwood. Chasez went on some radio show today and cleared things up. Chasez said that he and Crawford are just good friends and that Chance is a cool dude. He denied that either of them are gay. He even wined about not being able to see Chance everyday. Awww poor J.C. He did have a point about the media linking any star with any person they are photographed with. See J.C., the problem is that you aren't photographed with girls, and you wear bow ties, vest, and scarfs as a judge on a dance show. Your so gay.  Oh- and the photo above is definitely real no matter what anyone tells you.

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