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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heather confirms her insanity under oath.

Now I have been in a few court rooms, and I am well schooled in  court room behavior, but I have never seen anything that qualifies as contempt of court quite like Heather Mills McCartney's behavior during her divorce settlement. After her 50 million dollar award was announced, Mills decided to celebrate by dumping a picture of water on Sir Paul's legal council. Now, I'm not a lawyer yet, but my knowledge of Family law tells me that in a fault based divorce proceeding your character is a very important thing. When your husband is arguing that you are a gold digging, short fused, menopausal-Godzilla bitch, you should probably be on your best behavior. I am assuming Mill's had about enough of trying to act like she was the victim in this case, and when the 50 million was announced she decided she had nothing to lose by revealing her hand. She probably figured that she is already despised by most of her country, and people think she's crazy so why not give the people what they want. This could actually end up working in her favor... kind of like how the heels in professional wrestling end up being popular. I can only hope video of this is leaked to the Internet. The only thing that could have been better, is if an all out brawl occurred with Mills removing her fake leg and using it as a weapon against Sir Paul and his lawyer. 

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