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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scientology is wierd....

Defamer had this interesting story today about Sony trying to kill an MSNBC story about Will Smith drinking the Xenu Koolaid. Everyone knows that Jada Pinkett Smith has fallen prey to the aliens, and it would only be months before Will Smith would be as crazy as Tom Cruise. I just love how Scientology is as manipulative as a Hollywood P.R. firm. They try to bully the press like Harold Ickes after a Democratic Debate. If Scientology is something so harmless then why do they need to spin everything, and why does Will Smith need to be in the closet as one of its members? After MSNBC refused to pull the story about Smith, Smith came forward and denied being a Scientologist. I guess Sony feels that being a Scientologist can actually negatively effect a movie's release. They see Tom Cruise's antics as having a detrimental effect on Mission Impossible 3, and they did not want the same thing happening to Smith's Hancock. Well, apparently the members of the church did not like this, and are very upset with Fresh Prince. I thought that Catholics make you feel guilty. Being a Scientologist is like having leprosy. You are giving millions to your church and you can't even go public with it. That makes me even more certain that Scientology is nothing more than a very effective, organized way of extorting famous people out of their money.

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